Luigi Cappel

Location: Auckland
Website: http://luigicappel.wordpress.com


Based in Auckland New Zealand, I am a performing singer songwriter, hoping to sell a hit one of these days. If you are looking for a song, try me. I am a wireless and mobile computing specialist, now focussed on Location Based Services, i.e. if your phone knows where you are, what sort of cool applications could you have, especially in the areas of Proximity Based Marketing, Location Based Games and Location Based Social Networking. I am a member of the World Future Society and exploring trends to try to understand what our future way of life will be. I am a writer and have written for several magazines over the years as well as the book Unleashing The Road Warrior, and also a frequent blogger. I go through sporadic bursts of being invited to speak at and sometimes chairing conferences in the area of mobility, wireless communications and applications. In the last year I have spoken at the 2nd Annual and LBS Local Search conference in Amsterdam and the Global Mobility Round Table in Auckland, New Zealand. I am also a keen Texas Holdem player. I have an opinion about most things as you will read on my blog. I am a keen networker and enjoying watching Twitter evolve into something very powerful and useful socially and for business.