Cavo Astoria

Location: Astoria, New York
Website: http://www.cavoastoria.com


Profile As trendy as they come in Astoria, Cavo is a local hotspot for the neighborhood's young and glamorous. The plush, bi-level dining room, punctuated by a towering bamboo centerpiece, has a 30-foot bar and adjoining lounge, as well as a sprawling, sunken outdoor patio that's vibrant with flowers, mosaics, and an enthusiastic summertime crowd. The chef's small plates are particularly captivating: Saganake, a dish of kefalograviera cheese, is doused in V.S.O.P. cognac, lit at the table and extinguished with lemon juice—adding a balance of tart flavor to the sizzling treat, which is crisp on the outside and melted soft on the inside. The Garides Me Filo brings together robust jumbo shrimp with a Creta honey and chipotle glaze—great with soft pita bread. Fish is the specialty among the entrees, such as a grilled xifias, or swordfish steak, which stays buttery and juicy almost all the way though. — Art Janik Extra Belly dancers perform—and invite guest participation—every Sunday night. Recommended Dishes Saganaki, $9.50 POWERED BY FAR-FLUNG MEDIA www.farflungmedia.com