Cow Tippers

Location: Fort Walton Beach, FL
Website: http://t.co/M2Nzcyi863


Cow Tippers grills the best burgers & brats in Fort Walton Beach, FL! Our burgers & brats beat the rest. Why? The key to our delectable grilled goods is the fact that we grill them on real hardwood charcoal - NOT a greased out flat top, like the typical burger joint. This allows our burgers & brats to be juicer & more flavorful than any other burger in the Gulf Coast! Try our tasty burgers or juicy brats with our tempting french fries or fried cheese curds as a side. We guarantee that anyone of any age can enjoy what Cow Tippers has to offer. You can find us at the foot of the Brooks Bridge right next to Publix & give your taste buds a ride on the flavor train! Why eat at Cow Tippers? Because nothing tips like a cow!