Fantabulous Visions*

Location: Germany
Website: http://fantasio.info


My name is Oliver Wetter, born 1978 in Trier / Germany. Drawing was always a natural form of expression for me since i can think. In 2007 i finished 4 years study and 2 years masterclass by Roland Kuck with a diploma degree in "Airbrush -design" at the arts center Ibkk in Bochum / Germany and specialized in illustration. I have a passion for retro, Steampunk and Victorian inspired sci-fi and fantasy characters with bold colors and a teasing effect from thumbnail size. My strength is to create believable characters out of a short briefing within a tight deadline. Since 2008 i work as freelance illustrator and artist, doing book and magazine covers for European und International publishing houses. As illustrator i´m experienced with conducting working relationships via phone and e-mail, my rates are reasonable and depending on project -basis for negotiation. Among my artistic influences i count: Gerald Brom, Todd Lockwood, John Jude Palencar, Don Dos Santos, Michael Parkes, Hajime Sorayama, Ashley Wood and John Foster. My artistic approach is to mix the common with the uncommon and digital with traditional, and experimentation within these 4 elements all over. With time i´ve broaden my range of expertise into direction of photography, sculpting and digital postproduction. Licencing of existing images is possible to some extent and also basis for negotiation, inquiries are welcome.