Keith Williams

Location: New York
Website: http://t.co/lPpzW0bHuN


Keith Williams is a self-taught artist and cartoonist from New York. He spends most of his time drawing and creating fanciful characters. Keith takes great pride in turning a blank piece of paper into art. His Ferald characters were created for the medium of publishing, licensing and animated projects. It is within this realm, that he has created a whimsical spark that celebrates the wonders and various emotions of life...seen through the eyes of a ferret. He works with watercolor, magic markers, paint, color pencils and pretty much anything that’s used as a creative tool. Behind every character lies a story, behind every painting lies a journey. With more characters and artwork on the menu to be created, there is no time wasted to begin another artistic feast. Keith is always on the lookout for a good licensing agency to represent his creations.