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Glass Sex Toys and Glass dildos have become the sex toys of choice in the 21st century.

They've been featured on HBO's "Real Sex" and on the Playboy Channel's "Sexcetera"

Pyrex glass provides a silky smooth, germ free sex toy that is so durable it will last a lifetime. If you want quality and safety, then look no further than XXX Glass sex toys. Enjoy!

XXX toys have been rigorously tested and proven to be extremely durable. Our products are kiln tempered for as much as 24 hours at extreme temperatures metabolically strengthening the Pyrex and making it resilient to extreme temperature changes.

* High Quality Medical Grade Pyrex Glass
* Polariscope Tested To Ensure Integrity
* Kiln Tempered For High Durability Hypoallergenic & Dishwasher Safe
* Silky Smooth Finish
* Non-Porous
* Lubricants Last Longer
* Recommended by Doctors

Pyrex Glass Dildos and Sex Toys -- The worlds highest quality pyrex glass dildos!

Pyrex Glass is the finest material available for sex toys! High Quality Medical Grade Pyrex Glass.

Polariscope Tested To Ensure Integrity, Kiln Tempered For High Durability, Hypoallergenic and

Dishwasher Safe, Silky Smooth Finish, Non-Porous, Lubricants Last Longer. When quality counts, go with

Glass Sex Toys
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