Great Salts

Location: USA
Website: http://t.co/6iVWvwxgWy


At Great Salts we constantly strive to expand our product offering of fine gourmet salts but each salt must pass a rigorous screening process for purity, quality and taste. We only carry salts from the most reputable suppliers with the integrity and knowledge necessary to guarantee quality. All of the Great Salts products are unrefined, natural salts that deliver both tangible health benefits and superior culinary taste. Refined salt (normal table salt) takes 23 times the amount of water to neutralize in the body when compared to unrefined salt. In contrast to refined salts, natural salt has amazing health benefits and provides vital nutrients to your body. When you place an order from Great Salts, your order is carefully packaged, on demand, in our sealed jars and bags to guarantee your salt is as fresh as the day it was harvested. www.greatsalts.com