Kimberlee Lockhart

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Website: http://t.co/QPPamjslc4


"Working mom, wife, and social media hound. I love Jesus, The Beatles, books, television, technology, Albuquerque and my son, Henry." I love Twitter. Anything Twitter. All Twitter, all the time. I use it to connect with people I never would have met otherwise. Twitter is my daily newspaper. I am no longer slave to Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams. Twitter is my encyclopedia, my go-to research tool. I am a Christian, I believe every word the Bible says, and I don't care who thinks I'm an idiot because of it. I am a deeply flawed human being, but I'm funny, smart and not too bad on the eyes. I will always tweet about God, The Beatles, Twitter, breaking news, politics and town and family. I will post pictures, a butt-load of links to articles I like, a little bit of gossip and I l really like making friends on Twitter.