Mark Perl

Location: UK
Website: http://t.co/vA2P6H7U9C


Networking is the reality of business today, but it’s something lots of people – even very successful people - find difficult. I can help. Using the world-renowned Kintish system of business networking, I help people find the courage to get out there and secure new business opportunities. Whether you’re networking on-line on LinkedIn or off-line, in face-to-face situations, I can show you tools and techniques that will enable you to be successful and do business in a way that makes everyone feel good about the experience. I also do a lot of Conference Facilitation and After Dinner Speaking. As a speaker I focus on networking – I find it’s a popular topic because it’s something that everyone is interested in, but I can address it in a way that’s entertaining as well as educational. Conference Facilitation is a particular passion of mine. I spent many years in hospitality so I love having lots of balls in the air, putting on a great show, and making sure everyone enjoys themselves. - I also appreciate the amount of preparation and work that’s required to do it well. Over the years I’ve facilitated events from brainstorming through to conferences for 500+ delegates. It’s something I never tire of. So,in essence,that's me. How may I help you?