Do you worry about your pets when you are away?

Then you need PETZcheckIN.com!

PETZcheckIN.com is a web service solution to:

1)Ensure Pet Safety by ensuring they receive care! You will know your pet sitter or dog walker arrived at the time you specified. You will receive real-time notification of all care.

2)Make communication easy! No more wondering if you remembered to call the pet siter. Dates, time are confirmed automatically and reminders are sent to the sitter.

3)Have a backup and know it will be activated if needed! Just add the contact information of friends and family willing to help if pet care doesn't arrive within your window of time. We activate it only if needed!

Remember: Your pets cannot pick up the phone and tell you they are hungry. BUT, PETZcheckIN.com can be their voice. You will know they are safe and have received care!
Your Pets security and pet safety is our business!