Saeed Omar

Location: Amman, Jordan
Website: http://t.co/0b3RfZoZBQ


I m a simple minded person who is striving to do just well and get by, maybe excel too! when i am not simple however, i am at work. at work i am and have been the authority in Sales and Marketing. i worked with 4 different companies since i graduated in the winter of 1999 on the greek island of Aphrodite, Cyprus. i have also side-by-side with my occupations at the time, launched 2 companies in the events business and another for brokering performing artists for festivals. I have worked in the Media, Real Estate and Events industries. I have worked in Beirut, Amman, Dubai, Doha, Lagos, Abuja, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Nairubi and Khobar/Dammam. i have taken on various positions in Sales, Marketing, PR and in the Events departments. right now i am on a completely different mission. in July 2009 i have taken on the responsibility of qualifying international business prospects for the benefit of a groupd of comapnies in Saudi Arabia. the Saudi Arabian market is huge and posess great abilities to absorb many products and services. i am faced with the challenge of meeting and identifying strategic partners and maintaing our interests with them. Saeed Omar saeedice@gmail.com