Gina Stark ✈

Location: Wandering So-Cal-ian
Website: http://t.co/KLKx4sRkQY


I'm a professional dabbler. Sometimes my dabbling takes me to a new passion, which is what happened with hiking, and belly dancing, travel writing and Twitter! I love the community, the distraction, the inspiration, the possibilities, and the #LoveInGeneral. I'm happy to help new and seasoned tweeps get their footing and navigate though the most complicated 140 characters to ever sport wings. I tweet a vast range of things but you can count on tweets about travel, outdoors adventuring, food ( yes, I am guilty of twitpic-ing my meals!) animals, green concerns, music, philanthropy, photography, philosophy, silly-ology, and quotes that range from the corny and comical to the motivational and inspirational. I make a concerted effort to respond to mentions and comments. A girl's gotta have time to squeeze in hiking and dancing though! Cheers