Tammy Tubre

Location: Ruston, Louisiana
Website: http://t.co/tCWWvCFgEI


I am Clinical Director of Therapy of Family Psychological Services in Ruston, Louisiana. We provide services to individuals, families and groups. In addition, I travel in response to local and national disasters and critical incidents. I am a certified life coach, and focus on helping others in health care professions maintain balance and achieve their dreams. I am just beginning to participate in e-therapy and think it is interesting to provide care at a national level. Some new challenges ethically, but prudent choice of clients and flexibility in response makes it doable. Certainly it is not for the inexperienced therapist, in my opinion. In general, after 19 years of practice, I still have a passion for therapy. I love the creativity required, the results achieved, the people and lives and stories you remember forever. What a blessing.