Julie Holmwood



Helping You Create Professional Success Are you frustrated by your current situation? Are you really good at what you do but can't seem to make any positive impact on your success? Is it difficult taking that first step in the right direction? Do you just wish you could get everything to work out in life, as it does in your dream, so you can be happy? I have run my own businesses for fourteen of the last seventeen years, where I have been CEO/Director and International Headhunter. As a result of my combined experience I now lead and run two businesses that can help you no matter where you are in your professional journey as well as one that will just make you feel good! Top 3% Club Working with fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, I walk you through the steps to increased success, one logical foot after the other. There is a minefield of information out there and in it are some golden nuggets. Let me share the nuggets with you to get your business; more profitable, more consistent and more fun! I know you created a company because you love what you do. I know you're passionate about it. I know you work hard and I know you want to live the idyllic life that goes with being a successful business owner. How do I know? Because I am just like you. In fact, if you are reading this, we are amazingly similar. Let me show you what has worked and does work for me. Let's work together to get your business more profitable, more consistent and more fun. When you implement simple processes, take straightforward steps and make some easy changes you will be amazed at what happens; new clients, new opportunities, new pricing levels, more profit, more free time and when we now work together, it is so much fun! For some starter tools, tips and resources visit our website http://www.top3percentclub.com