Dr JOY Madden

Location: England
Website: http://t.co/3qoHUEbe9w


JOY is a Self Development Editor and Mentor with over 30 years of experience.

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Initially a Medical Engineer, then Consultant Clinician and Research Professor, I have over 30 years of mentoring experience in the NHS, Academia & Commerce, and have instigated and co-ordinated innovative multi-disciplinary projects across the diverse fields of Medicine, Engineering and Music...but with a particular interest in self development, self growth and personal development.

I am also interested in how multi-disciplinary research improves lifestyles and have a particular interest in the Health aspects of Roof and Window blinds.

For FREE professional advice on how blinds can reduce the Health risks and Maintenance costs of your Conservatories, Living and Work spaces (whether you are a homeowner or in the commercial sector), do visit Bespoke Blinds & Shutters or email me direct via joy@musicandman.com.