Amanda Summerlin

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Website: http://t.co/RZQ8FKSVKV


I'm Amanda, and I’m a portrait artist. I've been a portrait artist since I could hold one of those nice chunky crayons. I've never wanted to be anything else. Once, long, long ago in art college, I studied the fine art of painting. I still paint and I will always love painting, but for the past few years, photography has stolen my heart. It is my goal to record the beauty of the things most people overlook, because I think there are many beautiful things in life that people just get too busy to see, starting with themselves. The most beautiful things to me are the people I am blessed to know and have as a part of my life. So, I want to make amazing pictures of them that show them why I think they are beautiful. In fact, I want to do that for everyone who will let me.