Anne Scarlett

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Website: http://www.annescarlett.com


Business development and marketing advisor for firms within the built environment (AEC- architects, engineers, interior designers, facility planners, construction). The fun stuff: World traveler and photographer--love checking out new landscapes and cultures. Salsa dancer. Road biker. Fully embrace nature and outdoors--especially hiking and camping. Fan of happy hours al fresco in Chicago. Lover of animals and pets...must oogle at--and hug--every doggie that passes by. Would eat sushi every day if I could! Introverted, but most definitely not shy....a highly social homebody, in fact. PROFESSIONAL: Involved in AEC industry for over 19 years. Small business owner: Scarlett Consulting. EDUCATION: Masters degree in Communications: Northwestern University Bachelors degree in Interior Design: Indiana University INFORMATION TRANSFER: Public speaker for both open enrollment and customized in-house workshops/presentations. Oral Communications professor at Columbia College in Chicago. RSS feed for Scarlett Consulting blog: http://www.annescarlett.com/feed