DeVore Technologies

Location: Beachwood, Ohio
Website: http://www.devore.com/


Lori DeVore is Chief Executive Officer and President of DeVore Technologies and Chair of DeVore's Board of Directors. She founded DeVore Technologies in 1991 and oversees all operational functions at DeVore from product development and marketing to global sales and service. An inveterate communicator, DeVore has led the corporation to engage the marketplace and redefine the way businesses access and utilize technology. Lori DeVore's vision and business acumen have made her one of the most well-known IT business leaders in northeast Ohio. Her leadership and determination have enabled DeVore to outpace its peers, to grow while others have collapsed, and to leverage market opportunities in good economies and bad. She is passionate about making IT accessible to everyone. She is active in organizations both within and outside the technology industry. DeVore offers: Application, Database & Web Development Custom reporting, data mining & conversion Internet Services including internet access, hosting, SEO, E-Commerce, Site Analytics & Database Integration Network Support Services Computer Training (desktop) -- our site or client site Technical Training Training Consulting Training Management Proprietary Software Training Online Training/E-Learning Certification Testing Classroom Rentals IT Contract Personnel