Twellow FAQ

As with any system, Twellow users will have questions. We've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked ones to assist in helping you understand how our service works. Please browse the content below to see if your question has been asked (and answered) before. How can I change the categories I'm listed under on Twellow?

Your categorization on Twellow is dependent upon certain keywords we find in your Twitter profile. You can also self-edit your categories by utilizing our Profile Editor feature as outlined on the Twellow blog.

My categories are way off or eerily accurate. Why is that?

Your categorization was determined by data that you entered into your Twitter bio. If certain keywords and/or phrases match our categories, then you are automatically added into the corresponding category. Since this is an automated process, your categorization will either be a good match or a poor one, based on how well your bio is filled out according to our system. As we refine our methods, the categorization will improve. You can also self-edit your categories by utilizing our Profile Editor feature as outlined on the Twellow blog.

Why can't I get listed on Twellow?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to get listed on Twellow:

- If you do not currently have a Twitter account then our system will not be able to import your information into our system.

- If you have a Twitter account and our system can't import your data, then you most likely have your Twitter account set to protect your updates. Turn off protection by going to http://twitter.com/account/settings and un-checking the box next to "Protect my updates". Make this change, then try again to get listed on Twellow. You can always re-enable the protection after your data is imported.
- Twellow may be unable to communicate with Twitter. Since Twellow is not associated with Twitter, we do not have direct access to your Twitter account. All data we have comes from the publicly available feeds that Twitter provides to third-party clients. If the Twitter service is experiences heavy loads Twellow cannot retrieve the data needed to list you in our system. In this case you can wait and try again at a later time.

I changed my Twitter screen name and now can't log into Twellow! Why?

Twellow log in is dependent on your Twitter screen name. If you change the screen name in Twitter then Twellow will not be able to find you until our system is notified of the change. The easiest way to update our system so it recognizes the new name is to simply load your old Twellow profile page in a browser.

For example, if your screen name on Twitter used to be UserName1, and you have changed it to UserName2, just go to http://www.twellow.com/user/UserName1 and our system will send a request for the latest data on the account. A note will be displayed saying the screen name has been updated, with a link to the new profile page.

I have a great category idea that I think Twellow needs to add. How can I get it added?

We are constantly building our category structure, so we really appreciate feedback on what you'd like to see in the listings. Drop us a line using our contact page and we will take your category suggestions into consideration as we continue to build our system. New categories are dependent on finding enough people to match, so it might take awhile for your category to be included, but we try to comply with most user requests. A quick search for your category terms on the site will show you if other Twellow people have a similar interest.

Why are my Twitter status updates and other Twitter data outdated?

We are aware that many of the status updates from Twitter are outdated, as well as followers counts and some biographical data. This is due to limits in accessing Twitter's systems, so we are unable to retrieve the most recent updates for many users. We are working to get this functionality up to speed, and will post a message on the Twellow blog at blog.twellow.com when it is functioning properly. In the meantime you can assist in keeping your data updated by simply accessing you profile page on Twellow at www.twellow.com/user/YourScreenName. This page will automatically pull your latest data from Twitter.

How did Twellow get my data?

Twellow takes advantage of the freely-available public data feeds that come from the Twitter service. If your updates are not set to protected, then your messages sent via Twitter will be included in these feeds. Twellow then captures the data, parses it for matches within our categories, and enters your information into our system.

I've updated my profile. Why don't I show up in searches for terms in my bio?

Twellow's system can take up to 30 minutes to propagate your updates throughout the entire search system. If you aren't showing up in a search for terms you've recently added to your profile, try again at a later time.

How can I get my profile removed from Twellow?

Twellow automatically pulls only public profiles into the directory. If you find yourself on Twellow but do not wish to be included simply claim and/or login to your profile and use the profile editor to delete yourself from the site.