Lori Sawaya

Location: The Land of Color
Website: http://www.colorbudz.com


Client Base: My clients are anyone who needs the expertise of a color strategist: homeowners, business owners, builders, painting contractors, color consultants, interior designers, interior decorators, stagers, architects. Your Color Strategy: I customize environments, create unique atmospheres, and know how to seize ideal color opportunities. Your exclusive Color Strategy goes beyond choosing colors. Advice: I know a lot about paint. Brands, grades, sheens, color retention, spread rates, V.O.C.s, and more. DIY or design professional, I can help you sort through the marketing and data sheets and help you make the best product choices for your project. Speaking Engagements and Training Programs: Everyone wants to learn about color because the more you know, the more confident and empowered you become using color. I love to share my color expertise by leading color seminars and training programs and I am available for speaking engagements on various topics of paint and color