Mark Welkie

Location: Central Pennsylvania, America
Website: http://manyko2.posterous.com/pages/manyko2s-recommended-reading-list


Born in Chester, PA and raised in Garden City, PA. Went to Nether Providence High School and graduated 1972. Married 22 years, divorced 10 years. Worked on loading docks & then warehouse of Scott Paper Co. Had my first breakdown, recovered to some extent, and became a realtor for 8 years. Took computer programming courses in which I graduated top of my class. Worked at IBM as a computer operator until they downsized & sent me to the warehouse where I began 30 years ago. I had a breakdown & haven't worked since. Became a news junkie and for many years did nothing but gather news from the internet, saving them to Word docs. Avid reader, I have over 1,200 books - 2/3 of them non-fiction and read 2-3 non-fiction books a week on politics, etc. Then I met Twitter and the rest is history.