Ray Amsterdam

Location: UK, operates globally
Website: http://t.co/yDmMxLrvaN


How can you benefit from my expertise? I run a patent licensing company and coach inventors on all aspect of successful invention marketing. As well as offering a reward-on-sucess patent licensing service and one-to-one invention marketing coaching, I have authored these FREE RESOURCES: Step-by-Step Invention Help Guide on ONE page Invention Help Overview - Step-by-step Guide on ONE page Which way to Sell Inventions: Manufacture vs Licensing Sell Inventions - Which way is best? Patent Licensing strategy: Single exclusive licensee vs Multiple licensees: Patent Licensing Strategy Patent Royalties: How to get a good and fair deal Patent Royalty Agreemnents - getting a good one! New Invention Ideas - can you sell them? New Invention Ideas - what are they worth? Invention Submission Companies - can you trust them? Invention Submission Corporations - are they scams? Non Disclosure Agreements: One-way and Mutual Non Disclosure Agreements