Scan Sacramento

Location: Sacramento,CA
Website: http://www.scansacramento.com/


http://scansacramento.com/ THE CONCEPT Most of us have seen a police pursuit on TV and most of us have seen a large fire live on our local news channel. But have you listened to one as it is happens? If you had a public safety radio scanner you could. With a scanner you can listen to events as they unfold by listening to public safety radio systems and hearing the events as they happen. Do you have a scanner and keep missing all the instense action? Do you want to be alerted when there is a pursuit, 3 alarm fire, rescue operation or major traffic accident? There is a way to be alerted and there is a growing community in place that networks when these events occur. If you have a scanner at home or in your car, you can recieve alerts on your cell phone and/or computer and tune-in to monitor the action. READ MORE AT http://scansacramento.com/

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