Michael Budd

Location: Nevada
Website: http://onlinesupershops.com


I am engaged and soon to be married to a lovely lady named Jodi. I have 1 daughter, 1 son and 1 soon to be step-daughter. We like to travel and are lucky enough to live in beautiful Northern Nevada. You'll often find us close to home on Lake Topaz, fishing, swimming, tubing and having fun.

My passions are reading, writing, teaching, learning, football, and of course entrepreneurial pursuits. Looking for a solid Joint Venture (JV) partner to develop mutually beneficial working relationship.

I am currently teaching high school computer courses and also earning a Master Certificate in Internet Marketing from the University of San Francisco online. I also coach middle school basketball and track. Used to coach Varsity Football but couldn't continue all my pursuits and still have time for family so I don't coach football but still love to watch...especially the New Orleans Saints! Who Dat?

My websites and products:

Online Supershops

Domain Profits - (JV Wanted)

Twitter Traffic Report - (JV Wanted)

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