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Joseph S Perez (@josephsperez)
Obama rules, Earth civilization, poverty crime against humanity, immigration human right, universal health care, guns control, #followback, true reality exists
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 Yoga Sundana P (@YogaPHB)
Rakean Mahardika Jayadewata | @needa_perkasa | @ORKES_PHB | @Herrlicht_V | Tamtam | Vespa | @monologue_id | #marimerokokpadatempatnya | BERISI TWIT 18+
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Princess Jazz (@loocsizzaj)
*twiddles thumbs* I'm Jazz and I'm cool.
Followers: 5,082      Location: Guam
Ma (@bizzleboy_)
△ Falou em fama falou em Bieber △
Followers: 2,771      Location: ♥ Gu ♥ Lau ♥ Vic ♥ Isa ♥ Mary♥
Rich Chou (@rich_chou)
To infintiy and beyond
Followers: 2,462      Location: OC/SJ/HI/GU
Carlo Leon Guerrero (@carlolg)
Followers: 1,833      Location: Guam
アニメ、囲碁、株、VG(半引退)、艦これ FCミルキアン最強の碁打ちを自称するギャンブル依存のクズ。つまり察しろ
Followers: 1,748      Location: 偵都トヨナカ→和敬西寮 早稲田政経とかいう掃き溜め
Lzbth (@lzbthtaylor)
Followers: 1,619      Location: Guam
Leo Babauta (@leobabauta)
Simplicity blogger at Zen Habits.
Followers: 1,589      Location: Guam
Carilla Michelle (@CarillllaParker)
I once heard a wise man say, 'don't raise your voice. Improve your arguement'.
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lynne (@aralynne13) registered
Followers: 1,217      Location: Guam
deanecozort (@Trends4Travel)
Followers: 1,285      Location: Guam
Heather Crain (@heathcrocks)
After receiving stratosperic accolades in my many performances, portraying a myriad of infamous Amish heroines, I am reborn into my newest passion, CAT MOVIES!
Followers: 1,260      Location: GUAM and L.A. & Necker
いつもと変わらない毎日!でも時々何か新しい発見が!そんなグアム島の魅力を・・現地特派員デデド太郎です。 -出々度太郎-
Followers: 1,254      Location: DEDEDO GUAM USA
Ana Mariela González (@casiopea4)
Evolución de pensamientos de una mente random. Pase adelante, tenemos margaritas. Organizadora de @plantemos1000 #plantemos1000árboles
Followers: 1,216      Location: Entre Guam y Guayana
Georgette Tengco (@gtengcs)
TV and concert producer, occasional pilates practitioner, was a news anchor in a past life, is an island girl in the present.
Followers: 1,151      Location: Tumon, Guam
Mahogany Brown (@HunniOrchid)
Determined, Ambitious,Inspired, and with God all things r possible. #TeamProudMom #TeamFreak #TeamReal #TeamNoLies #TeamDiva im just doing me u do u KISSES
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Manet Ravello (@ManetRavello)
Manet / 17 / Skating & Grappling / Guam / Friendly / Follow me and for sure I will follow back.
Followers: 1,058      Location: Guam
Oliver Carlin (@OliverCarlin)
An avid learner who is dedicated to helping people and providing useful training in areas network marketing.
Followers: 858      Location: Piti, Guam