Twellowhood for Aloha, Michigan (10)

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ㅤㅤKath Honorato (@KathrynneK)
Since 1994
Followers: 807      Location: aloha ✌
Karlee Tudi (@K_tudes)
When i hit, i hit hard.
Followers: 395      Location: Aloha
Grant Meyer (@TheRealGMeyer)
Followers: 319      Location: Aloha
Silje Lie Solland (@TheSunlander)
Multimedia student @ Hawaii Pacific University. Loves turtles. Coffee addict. Norwegian. Perfectionist. Loves Art. Graphic Design. #technologyrulz. Canon-whore.
Followers: 267      Location: ALOHA
luna lovegood (@youmeandblue)
Salutations. C: 17. photographer. aspiring actress and director. or food critic. or disney princess. or hobo.
Followers: 245      Location: Aloha
Alison Smith (@neuroticalison)
Military wife, mom to an only. Neat and tidy on the outside; so very messy on the inside.
Followers: 126      Location: Aloha.
KimL. (@kimpossible_03)
Followers: 133      Location: Aloha
kkk (@99deadd)
Followers: 76      Location: Aloha City
Henny P (@HennyP14)
Followers: 19      Location: Aloha
Michelle Maldonado (@mich_roc)
Followers: 6      Location: Aloha