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Facebook Adds Google Photos Transfer Tool

Facebook is planning to put out a tool today allowing users to transfer their photos into Google Photos. Initially, users in Ireland will get the new tool first, followed by a worldwide release early in 2020.

Twitter Adding a Tweet Scheduling Feature

Twitter released a new feature update that allows you to schedule Tweets via the web based version. Tweetdeck, the standalone app already has this feature but now it’s being integrated into the browser based version.

US Citizen Arrested for Creating a Gentoo Distribution for ISIS

A 20 year old student from Chicago, Thomas Osadzinski, has been arrested by authorities for lending his coding and Linux abilities to ISIS.

Brave Browser 1.0 Released

WhatsApp / Facebook have discovered a new and severe vulnerability affecting users of the WhatsApp messaging software.

Privacy abusing app “Like Patrol” banned from the Apple app store.

A very controversial Instagram app called Like Patrol has been banned from Apple’s App store. The app let users monitor what posts someone else liked or commented on allowing them to snoop on their significant other or perhaps someone they are stalking.

Facebook secretly turns on your iPhone camera

It’s another day, and another massive privacy violation by Facebook. Apparently, while using the Facebook for iPhone the app can actively use your camera without your knowledge while scrolling through your feed.

YouTube reinstates banned Markiplier fans

YouTube isn’t known for their unbias moderation policies, but in addition to that their algorithm is frequently making mistakes that hurt their creators and viewers. This time, YouTube’s algorithm screwed up in a big way by banning thousands of fans participating in Markiplier’s live stream.

Twitter is adding a Topics feature

Twitter recently announced their new “Topics” feature that they will be rolling out worldwide on November 13th. This will allow you to follow specific topics along with individual accounts.

Mozilla is Making Firefox Notifications Less Intrusive

Beginning with version 72 of Firefox, Mozilla will be modifying how the browser handles notification requests. In the new version desktop notifications will now appear as an icon in the URL bar that users have to click to see the notification.

Major security flaw found in Mac / Linux “sudo” command

A new security flaw was recently discovered and patched for the well known “sudo” terminal program available on Mac, Linux & other Unix based systems.