Facebook Is Making Its Own VR World

After purchasing Oculus, Facebook has been trying to increase the popularity of the platform. In its latest attempt to entice you into the world of VR, they’re creating an immersive environment called Horizon.

Facebook Messenger Encryption
Facebook Rejects Justice Department Request To Cancel Chat Encryption Plans

In a rare turn of events, executives at the social media giant Facebook told US Attorney General William Barr that they would not provide law enforcement with access to Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp before a senate hearing regarding encryption scheduled for today.

Severe WhatsApp Vulnerability Discovered & Patched

WhatsApp / Facebook have discovered a new and severe vulnerability affecting users of the WhatsApp messaging software.

Facebook Google Photos Tool
Facebook Adds Google Photos Transfer Tool

Facebook is planning to put out a tool today allowing users to transfer their photos into Google Photos. Initially, users in Ireland will get the new tool first, followed by a worldwide release early in 2020.

Facebook privacy
Facebook secretly turns on your iPhone camera

It’s another day, and another massive privacy violation by Facebook. Apparently, while using the Facebook for iPhone the app can actively use your camera without your knowledge while scrolling through your feed.

Oculus Link Will Work With SteamVR According to Facebook

Facebook recently revealed at Oculus Connect 6 that most games designed for StreamVR will be…

Tech Companies Snitching To The FTC About Facebook’s Corrupt Practices

Facebook isn’t known for being a very magnanimous company due to their massive privacy violations.…

Facebook Dealing With More Privacy Concerns Over Their Portal TV Device

Last year Facebook introduced Portal; a video chat device that works with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp…

Facebook Worried About New iOS Privacy Feature

In the coming weeks Apple plans to release an iOS update for iPhone that will…

Facebook under Investigation for Antitrust Violations

Several states are looking into Facebook for possible antitrust law violations, according to the New…