Internet Of Things
The Internet of Things Relies on Government Understanding the Technology

Government around the world play a key role in whether IoT becomes a mainstream technology sooner rather than later.

Facebook Is Making Its Own VR World

After purchasing Oculus, Facebook has been trying to increase the popularity of the platform. In its latest attempt to entice you into the world of VR, they’re creating an immersive environment called Horizon.

FBI Gentoo
US Citizen Arrested for Creating a Gentoo Distribution for ISIS

A 20 year old student from Chicago, Thomas Osadzinski, has been arrested by authorities for lending his coding and Linux abilities to ISIS.

Brave Browser
Brave Browser 1.0 Released

WhatsApp / Facebook have discovered a new and severe vulnerability affecting users of the WhatsApp messaging software.

Mozilla is Making Firefox Notifications Less Intrusive

Beginning with version 72 of Firefox, Mozilla will be modifying how the browser handles notification requests. In the new version desktop notifications will now appear as an icon in the URL bar that users have to click to see the notification.

Major security flaw found in Mac / Linux “sudo” command

A new security flaw was recently discovered and patched for the well known “sudo” terminal program available on Mac, Linux & other Unix based systems.

Major Security Flaw Found in LastPass

LastPass, the most well known password manager recently released a big fix that prevents malicious…

Best Privacy Web Browsers

Many of us suspected that the tech giants were funneling our private information directly to…

Best Reverse Image Search Websites

Do you want to find out what type of flower is growing in your yard?…

Video publishing alternatives to YouTube

Love it or hate it, YouTube is by far the biggest player in the game…