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Twitter 2FA Authentication App
Twitter Adding More Options For 2FA Authentication

Twitter is adding the ability to choose other methods for two-factor authentication besides receiving a text message (SMS). The alternate methods include using a one time key via an authentication app or a hardware security key.

How To Schedule A Tweet
Twitter Adding a Tweet Scheduling Feature

Twitter released a new feature update that allows you to schedule Tweets via the web based version. Tweetdeck, the standalone app already has this feature but now it’s being integrated into the browser based version.

Twitter Topics
Twitter is adding a Topics feature

Twitter recently announced their new “Topics” feature that they will be rolling out worldwide on November 13th. This will allow you to follow specific topics along with individual accounts.

Twitter is rolling out a new “hide replies” feature

Twitter recently announced a new feature allowing users to hide replies. They’ve been testing it…

How to get more Twitter followers

Organically growing your followers on Twitter has become a bit more difficult over the years, but it’s still the easiest social media platform to market yourself or your brand. Why has it more difficult? Well, because during the early days of Twitter you could follow an unlimited amount of people and a certain percentage of those would follow you back (This strategy is called churning or churn). These days, Twitter now limits you to 400 follows per day and will temporarily stop you well before you hit the 400 daily cap. However, this same strategy still works and combined with the other tips I’m going to provide you’ll be Twitter famous in no time.