Setup Distribution on the Google Chrome Store

Chrome Web Store

We’ve been sharing a few interesting sessions from Google I/O, as the company has been making them available on YouTube. Last week saw a slew of them uploaded, but Google just added a bunch more.

The Internet of Things Relies on Government Understanding the Technology

Government around the world play a key role in whether IoT becomes a mainstream technology sooner rather than later.

5 Best Outdoor Adventure Channels on YouTube

Ever since the TV show Survivorman first aired there has been a demand for bushcraft/survivalist/outdoors content on television and with most types of programming, you can now find similar content on YouTube.

Facebook Is Making Its Own VR World

After purchasing Oculus, Facebook has been trying to increase the popularity of the platform. In its latest attempt to entice you into the world of VR, they’re creating an immersive environment called Horizon.

Facebook Rejects Justice Department Request To Cancel Chat Encryption Plans

Facebook Messenger Encryption

In a rare turn of events, executives at the social media giant Facebook told US Attorney General William Barr that they would not provide law enforcement with access to Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp before a senate hearing regarding encryption scheduled for today.

Twitter Adding More Options For 2FA Authentication

Twitter is adding the ability to choose other methods for two-factor authentication besides receiving a text message (SMS). The alternate methods include using a one time key via an authentication app or a hardware security key.

Severe WhatsApp Vulnerability Discovered & Patched

WhatsApp / Facebook have discovered a new and severe vulnerability affecting users of the WhatsApp messaging software.

FBI Warns Users Of Vulnerabilities In Smart TVs

The FBI recently put out a blog post warning people about how malicious people or organizations could spy on you by way of your smart TV.

Privacy Issue in iPhone 11 Pro Prevents Users from Turning Off Location Data Collection

Well known security expert, KrebsOnSecurity, recently discovered a privacy issue with iPhone 11 Pro. The researcher found that Apple’s latest phone will still continue to collect location data even if you’ve changed the individual settings to disable location data.

Google Closing Several Services in 2020

In typical Google fashion of throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks, in 2020 they’ll be killing off several services that didn’t garner enough attention.


Markiplier banned

YouTube reinstates banned Markiplier fans

YouTube isn’t known for their unbias moderation policies, but in addition to that their algorithm is frequently making mistakes that hurt their creators and viewers. This time, YouTube’s algorithm screwed up in a big way by banning thousands of fans participating in Markiplier’s live stream.

Twitter is adding a Topics feature

Twitter recently announced their new “Topics” feature that they will be rolling out worldwide on November 13th. This will allow you to follow specific topics along with individual accounts.

Mozilla is Making Firefox Notifications Less Intrusive

Beginning with version 72 of Firefox, Mozilla will be modifying how the browser handles notification requests. In the new version desktop notifications will now appear as an icon in the URL bar that users have to click to see the notification.

Major security flaw found in Mac / Linux “sudo” command

A new security flaw was recently discovered and patched for the well known “sudo” terminal program available on Mac, Linux & other Unix based systems.

Oculus Link Will Work With SteamVR According to Facebook

Facebook recently revealed at Oculus Connect 6 that most games designed for StreamVR will be playable using Oculus Link on the Oculus Quest when it’s released in November. Games like Beat Saber, Elder Scrolls Skyrim, & Fallout 4 will be…

Tech Companies Snitching To The FTC About Facebook’s Corrupt Practices

Facebook isn’t known for being a very magnanimous company due to their massive privacy violations. Now they are feeling the heat from their anti-competitive & monopolistic practices. Recently, the Wall Street Journal revealed information from their sources indicating that Facebook’s…