Facebook Rejects Justice Department Request To Cancel Chat Encryption Plans

In a rare turn of events, executives at the social media giant Facebook told US Attorney General William Barr that they would not provide law enforcement with access to Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp before a senate hearing regarding encryption scheduled for today.

Privacy Issue in iPhone 11 Pro Prevents Users from Turning Off Location Data Collection

Well known security expert, KrebsOnSecurity, recently discovered a privacy issue with iPhone 11 Pro. The researcher found that Apple’s latest phone will still continue to collect location data even if you’ve changed the individual settings to disable location data.

Brave Browser 1.0 Released

WhatsApp / Facebook have discovered a new and severe vulnerability affecting users of the WhatsApp messaging software.

Privacy abusing app “Like Patrol” banned from the Apple app store.

A very controversial Instagram app called Like Patrol has been banned from Apple’s App store. The app let users monitor what posts someone else liked or commented on allowing them to snoop on their significant other or perhaps someone they are stalking.

Facebook secretly turns on your iPhone camera

It’s another day, and another massive privacy violation by Facebook. Apparently, while using the Facebook for iPhone the app can actively use your camera without your knowledge while scrolling through your feed.

Facebook Dealing With More Privacy Concerns Over Their Portal TV Device

Last year Facebook introduced Portal; a video chat device that works with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Alexa. During the product launch people were loudly voicing their concerns over privacy due to Facebook’s poor history. Now, Facebook wants to go a…

Best Privacy Web Browsers

Many of us suspected that the tech giants were funneling our private information directly to government agencies & third parties. However, there have been numerous news reports after the Edward Snowden revelations confirming this as fact. What can you do…